Academy Asks Twitter Who Should Host Oscars and Twitter Does Not Disappoint

Academy Asks Twitter Who Should Host Oscars and Twitter Does Not Disappoint

Surprisingly, there wasn't an immediate groundswell of support behind Hosty McHostFace.

Currently set for March 27, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is on the hunt for an actual host this year after dumping Kevin Hart unceremoniously before last year's event led to a lackluster hostless night.

While there has been a lot of momentum behind Pete Davidson, with some even suggesting that talks have already begun between him and the Academy, it doesn't look as if any final decisions have been made.

So the Academy went where anyone who wants a solid, respectful, intellectual and meaningful discussion knows they should go. The organization hit up Twitter to ask the masses who they'd like to see. As expected, Twitter did not disappoint.

In all honestly, the Academy tried to frame this as a "hypothetical" question, but any time someone says a word too many times in a single statement -- well you know that usually means the exact opposite, so this may not be hypothetical at all.

In all honesty, some of Twitter's suggestions were rock solid and spot-on, including a lot of support for Hart to get the opportunity to do what had been a career bucket list item for him last year only for it to instead become an almost was.

Others came through with well thought-out rationale for their selection, like this person who reasoned that Tom Hanks would be a fantastic point for the following five reasons:

Others knew what the homework assignment was but absolutely had no intention of playing by the rules. And they were far more creative -- and savage -- than just nominating a fake name like "Hosty McHostface." Dare we say, the most reviled performance in the most reviled musical remake in recent memory? Or how about the viral feud that's sweeping the nation?

And then we have to give it up for those celebs who went so far as to nominate themselves. Why not just put it out there in the universe. We've seen tweets come true before, so who's to say it couldn't work again.

Even better than the suggestions is the fact that the Academy is clearly paying attention, engaging with some of the more interesting selections. Are these people they would actually consider, or is it just their social media person finding these choices fun? We'd definitely back Statler and Waldorf!

Other suggestions included power duos like Tom Holland and Zendaya, and Steve Martin and Martin Short. You can check out all of those, as well as some of the best and most ridiculous suggestions below.

Plus, it's not too late to join in on the fun with your own suggestions, either!

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Title: Academy Asks Twitter Who Should Host Oscars and Twitter Does Not Disappoint
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