The Most Hilarious and Heartbreaking Reactions to 'And Just Like That' Premiere

The Most Hilarious and Heartbreaking Reactions to 'And Just Like That' Premiere

One real-life Peloton instructor's comments are getting flooded ... while viewers take to Twitter to talk "Samantha disrespect" and so much more.

This should go without saying ... but if you haven't watched the first two episodes of HBO Max's "Sex and the City" revival "And Just Like That," stop reading now, go watch them and then come right on back. Because we're headed into serious spoiler territory.

After waiting through 17 years and two not-great movies for the show to return, fans tuned in Thursday to see what Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha were all up to now. Of course, without star Kim Cattrall's participation, the heavy lifting was put on Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis -- and, well, things are pretty dour in NYC.

The first episode ended with Mr. Big (Chris Noth) dying from a heart attack after an especially energetic ride on his Peloton. The second half hour revolved around Carrie's grief and Big's funeral. Throughout the two episodes, viewers learned Miranda has gone back to school, her teenage son with Steve is a total horndog, Charlotte's struggling to understand one of her two daughters and Stanford and Anthony are having relationship woes. Throw in some new faces, a podcasting gig for Carrie and a strained relationship for the main trio with an off-camera Samantha and you've got your show.

As longtime fans caught up with their on-screen friends, many took to social media while watching to either react to or complain about what they saw. Obviously, Big's death got everyone talking -- as some expressed shock and sadness over the loss, while others cracked Peloton jokes or were outraged they'd off such a major character.

While Big's Peloton ride didn't actually kill him -- it was made very clear he's had ongoing health issues and the biking was actually encouraged by his doctor -- the at home workout system faced a lot of heat following the premiere.

The company actually had to release a statement saying that while they aware the bike would be used on the show and that their real-life instructor Jess King would be involved as the fictional Allegra, HBO didn't tell them "the larger context surrounding the scene" in question.

Though King has been sharing a number of her followers' Stories celebrating her appearance on the show to her own page, she hasn't said anything about Big's death just yet. That hasn't stopped viewers, however, from flooding her most recent posts with comments like, "SO YOU THE ONE WHO KILLED BIG!!!!!!!!!!!", "Omg! You killed Big!!!" and "Oof you’re forever linked to the most traumatic tv character death I’ve seen. Why?"

How the return also treated Samantha -- she moved to the UK after Carrie fired her as her publicist and they haven't spoken since -- also rubbed quite a few viewers the wrong way.

Many didn't believe such a fallout would be possible, or that Samantha wouldn't immediately drop everything and show up for Big's funeral.

That being said, a lot of viewers also broke down when it was revealed Samantha sent one of the nicest flower arrangements ever to be placed atop the casket.

See more funny reactions to the premiere episodes below, as viewers take aim at poor little Lily, Miranda's possible romance and the fact she apparently doesn't listen to podcasts.

New episodes of "And Just Like That" drop Thursdays on HBO Max.

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